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I want to start this one off by apologizing because this commercial is… well take a look and you will quickly understand why I am apologizing.


The bad commercials are the ones that are hardest to review because as with this one, I don’t know where to start. There was no positive part to that ad and I am shocked that this isn’t a parody on themselves. If you have seen their other commercials then you would understand why I would think this is a parody.

With that in mind here we go. The simple idea of a trying to buy a new house and having to show his credit scores to the realtor before sealing the deal is a boring plot but it is a plot nonetheless. Throughout Free Score’s commercials they have always stressed the ‘hidden’ fact that all credit card holders have three separate scores that they need to keep track of and that is what drives their business. They have over done that concept with this commercial in that they need to move on to another selling point. Besides the quality of the ad, there are some people who understand they need to check all three scores but they need another reason that will bring them to instead of another companies site. That is the first and most important step in making a better commercial and I recommend to Free Score to do this for next time.

The acting. I don’t believe I should even call it such but that is what it was. The first line that the realtor had, was a typical one and then after that it became extremely corny, extremely quickly. From the fist bump with his score to the too obvious piano music to the, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you” line that we all wish we never had to heard again. There was not an ounce of good acting in this and I hope the actors aren’t as bad as they came off to be or were forced to be.

Now for the mistakes which were too easy to notice. Why were there books on the selves, a single chair, and a piano in the room when the rest of the room and house appears to be completely empty? When selling a house either the all the furniture are in the rooms or there is no furniture in the rooms at all. On top of that we have the low credit score who is terrible at fake-playing the piano even though it was aimed to look as if he was actually playing it from the beginning.

Another issue in the quality was after the realtor left and the commercial seemed to change into a different commercial all together with the black border around their smart phone application. Then it switched back to inside the house with piano music playing even though the low credit score isn’t playing the piano.

This commercial left me very confused and there was absolutely no effort put into this ad, which made it consist of no quality. This was a waste of money on Free Score’s end and a waste of time for the viewer because we now have a bad connotation between this commercial and Free Score. For those reasons I have to give this ad a 1 out of 10. I would be shocked, but if you disagree with me then be sure to leave a comment.



5 Gum: RPM

The guys over at Wrigley know how to make a good commercial and they know how to impress their viewers each and every time they make a new commercial.

I have always loved this ad series because they understand that since they are selling a type of candy they need to stress the experience the consumer is going to have while chewing on their gum. All of their commercials have done that and they have all done it in a new and different way that doesn’t bore the viewer.

The one thing that I noticed while watching this is that they are gearing the ad towards men in how it is an action commercial and the color of the room and effects that they used. I think that they could have geared it towards women as well because gum is gum and everyone loves a good piece of gum. Besides that, it is hard to call this a bad commercial.

The creativity is off the charts in how they wanted to present the experience that the consumer will feel after chewing on this relatively new gum line. Putting a person in a lab-like environment is not a new theme but what they are doing in the lab is what earns Wrigley the creativity points. I very much enjoyed how they went about showcasing the two different flavors with the two characteristics of the moving floor. Both parts complimented each other nicely and the transition between the two was seamless.

It is hard to talk about this commercial because it is just so perfect in every manner. The sequence of the ad was very well thought out with the introduction of the man getting ready to jump around, to the actual action part and then the falling action into conclusion of the man landing in the blue pillow-like floor while the narrator sums up the whole experience. I can’t wait to go out to the store and be able to experience this new flavor because by the looks of the ad it should be a great flavor. I have no problems with this ad besides their approach of aiming towards men only and with that I give this ad a 9 out of 10.


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Super Bowl Commercial Round Up

Writing reviews for each and every Super Bowl commercial that aired Sunday night will take ages to do. Instead I have created a summary of each commercial that I found particularly interesting due to its greatness or its lack thereof. Lets start with the quality filled ones.

Best Buy:

In short, I loved this commercial. We got to see the history of how this amazing technology came to be through a small portion of the people who contributed an aspect that we take for granted each and everyday. This ad made me want to keep watching to see where this was going to go and just before it started to feel like the introduction to a documentary on the history of the cell phone, Best Buy hit us with a quality joke bringing us back a couple of weeks. I very much enjoyed how they tied the commercial up with that fact that all of the great technology in the single device can be bought and can be yours if you go to Best Buy. 9 out 10


Being a junior in high school, one can safely assume that I enjoyed this ad. It was funny and the ~5 million people on YouTube that watched this commercial will back me up on that. It appealed to my age group especially but M&M succeeded with not making it too age specific so that any age could find this commercial hilarious. Next time I go to CVS to buy some M&Ms I will be singing this song in my head all the way to the cash register. 10 out of 10

Chevy Silverado:

Without any narrator talking over the 60 seconds worth of video, we can easily form adjectives for this truck. Dependable, strong, long-lasting, all words that a consumer wants to think when buying their next truck. On top of that the poke at everyone’s secret fear that the world will end this year only added to the relatability that this ad offered up. The part that made this ad better than the rest was the stab at Ford for having a worse truck in terms of durability. 9 out of 10


This has been and will always be my favorite commercial series. I have never seen a bad ad in this series and this particular ad was no exception. The balance between injecting Etrade’s services and the comical aspect was perfect. The viewer learned enough about the company while getting a good laugh in at the end. It is very hard to go wrong when putting a funny baby in a commercial. 9 out of 10

-Now for the other half of the spectrum.

Volkswagen Bug:

Although this ad was not as good as the ones above, it is still a decent commercial for a couple of reasons. It had a great story that all dog lovers who were watching the game loved. The story that VW thought up was very creative with the idea of a dog making itself work out without the owner making the dog do so. The problem comes in because I want to know what happened at the end. Does the dog catch the Beetle? Is there a dog in the car that the main dog wants to be with? Also if the dog is able to catch up with the car, it can’t be very ‘power’ful as their slogan leads you to believe.

And don’t let me forget the ending of this double ad. I liked the idea of bringing last years commercial back but the way they did it was poor. Most people who I talked with could not understand it and were ultimately left with a bad taste in their mouths. The idea was good but the execution could have been better. 5 out of 10

Chevy Camaro:

While their Silverado ad is excellent, I think Chevy skimped out when putting this commercial together. The concept of the graduate getting a brand new car and then being as excited as he was is a decent one. The problem comes in when the parents show him his real gift, which is the refrigerator. Why would parents give their child a refrigerator outside next to a seemingly brand new car? Regardless, the commercial put a smile on my face but I was nowhere near laughing as I should have been with this ad. 3 out of 10


The story of prohibition was a great idea to go with not only because they are a beer company but because it is a time in our history that we don’t talk about. Budweiser earned some points for creativity there but on the other hand, the amount of time, energy and money that they spent on this commercial far outweighs the end result. I saw a behind-the-scenes on a news show (I unfortunately cannot find the video on YouTube to link you to, I apologize) and I was amazed at how much work was done to make an OK ad. The quality of the commercial was great but the push to make a consumer buy their product was not there. 5 out of 10

-Included in the bad category are the two contest winners that we saw during the breaks in the big game.

Pizza Hut:

I really enjoyed the ad which promoted this contest before the game but the winner was not as good as it. The song that this artist was rapping was a good one but the fact that he was rapping narrowed Pizza Hut’s market by a large percentage. David (the rapper) was standing in front of turntables but he didn’t even use them while he was rapping, which renders them useless and makes the commercial look dumb. It was an interesting move going with the rap song but it did not work out in Pizza Hut’s favor. 5 out of 10


The Doritos commercial I am talking about is the Baby Sling one. I understand that it was made by a person who entered the contest and not by Doritos themselves but Doritos should have picked a commercial of higher quality. It was very corny with the grandma’s acting, the CGI of the baby flying through the air were very unrealistic and I did not enjoy watching this for one reason or another. Even when the baby was reaching out for the bag, he didn’t even seem close enough to the older boy to even grab the bag. Comparing this to last year, it was a huge letdown. 3 out of 10

I hope you enjoyed this years Super Bowl Commercial Round Up!


Volkswagen: The Bark Side – Super Bowl Ad

Has Volkswagen taken the Star Wars theme too far? Or have they not taken it far enough?


On the one hand they have taken a good theme and it is getting them positive attention. Everyone loves the Star Wars and now everyone wants to see where VW will take this theme in the future. Yet they took it too far, or I should say for too long, in this commercial. 60 second commercials have their advantages but when it drags on, such as this one, to the point where the viewer is getting bored, the commercial is just too long.

Reduce the time from 60 to 30 seconds and this would have been golden. The “at-at” dog could have walked in around the 20 second mark and the viewer would still have enough time to realize that the song was from Star Wars. The phrase quality over quantity fits perfectly into this scenario and the overall focus of the ad would have been conveyed in a much more effective manner if it was shorter.

Beyond timing, the creative aspect is amazing. We have never seen dogs ‘sing’ a song before and the added fact that each dog represents a character from the 6 part series is seamless. We can easily tell that the darker, short dog is Chewbacca while the brown and white, small dog in the lower left is Padme. This only furthers the quality and relatablilty of this ad.

Wait a second, what does the concept of this ad have to do with cars? There is absolutely nothing that ties Star Wars to VW cars in this commercial. The flawless commercial last year with the young boy acting as Darth Vader had a great tie to cars but this one could have been a commercial for any company under the sun. The only part making this ad a Volkswagen ad is the couple seconds at the end when,”That’s the Power of German Engineering” is written on the screen under the symbol. What is the ‘power’ anyway? The action of having a couple of dogs in a room barking doesn’t speak to any definition of ‘power’.

I want to like this commercial. It has a lot going for it with the theme and the pure creativity but both of those aspects don’t relate back to the fact that VW is a car manufacturer. A viewer will be able to remember this commercial very well since they have never seen anything like it before but will they be able to remember that it was a VW ad? With all of this taken into consideration I will give this ad a 4 out of 10. Giving any lower wouldn’t respect the quality but any higher would ignore the excessive timestamp attached to it.


Audi: Vampire Party – Super Bowl Ad

I am not one of the people who fell in love with Twilight nor any kind of vampire story, which led me to think that I was not going to enjoy this ad but I was pleasantly surprised.

This ad starts off normal enough with the classic bonfire in the middle of the woods but then it quickly turns into a fantasy with the vampire’s choice of drink being O+ blood and two others running up a tree in a race. The commercial then goes on to show shots of the Audi S7 driving through the wooded area with our ‘main character’ driving. However, after this unusual beginning the story starts to get boring and my interest faded but it was quickly restored when the mass of vampires start to get very annoyed of the headlights and then disintegrate into a cloud of dust.

I enjoyed the fact that the first half of the commercial felt like Twilight or some other series like that because I wanted to watch it to see what would happen. I got lost in the story just how a 14-year-old girl would reading one of Stephanie Meyer’s books. That aspect alone gives this commercial a great score but there is a problem when I said, “14-year-old girl”. I don’t know any 14-year-old girls who can drive or buy a car, let alone an expensive car such as this brand new Audi S7. The people who will enjoy this commercial aren’t going to be watching this commercial while the 30+ year-old men who will be watching this commercial aren’t for team Edward or for team Jacob. Marketing 101’s first lesson is know who your audience is and it looks like Audi’s creative team missed that class.

With that said, I believe that the 30+ year-old men who will be watching this and possibly buying this car will enjoy the people turning into clouds of dust. At any rate, let’s talk about the main point of the commercial, the bright headlights.

That in itself is a very interesting selling point because most car ads speak to the car’s styling, engine, or safety. One could say that brighter headlights are for safety (they proved to be very effective at removing vampires) but when buying a car that is not the first thought that comes to mind. When I think of an Audi’s lights I think about how different and stylish they look with the wave of LEDs, not about how bright they are. Audi did make a great concept around the small detail of the headlights in the grand scheme of it.

A couple small details that I want to point out are, first off when our main character pulls up and everyone starts to scream in terror/pain due to the headlights. No matter which car he is driving, he would be able to hear all of his friends screaming as loud as they were. On top of that, being that he is a vampire himself, I would think that he knows to turn off his headlights as soon as he is around fellow vampires. Not to mention that a considerate person would turn off their headlights once pulling up as to not blind the people in front of the vehicle.

The timing of this ad is noteworthy because the vampire phase has seemed to come and pass, yet Audi decided to make a commercial centered around the idea of vampires. I initially thought that the timing was terrible on their part but then I thought that this could be their way of saying goodbye to them. They killed off very last vampire in this commercial as a way to end the vampire phase that we just went though.

Even if Audi was thinking this or no, I believe that they made a good commercial overall. With taking everything into account I would rate this commercial a 6. You might think that it is a low number but between missing the target market and the flaws in the plot, I see no reason to give it a higher score. I am also considering the fact that I won’t remember this commercial tomorrow which translates into me not remembering the car next time I am shopping for a new car.


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