Welcome to The Perfect Commercial!

The average person watches a considerable amount of time watching TV and during those shows we watch, whether we watch American Idol or the news, we are going to encounter a commercial at one point or another. The typical 30 minute show has 7 minutes of commercials and the typical 1 hour-long show has around 18 minutes. So during a sitting you or I may watch 14 to 36, 30 second commercials.

But enough math, this page is to tell you everything you need to know about what you will see when you come here in the future. Since we watch so many commercials, I decided to make this blog to sort the good commercials from the bad ones through reviews on individual commercials that are on mainstream TV. In a typical post, I will have an overview of the commercial followed by what I think of the advertisement in general and then I will rate it on a scale of 1-10, 1 being I could make a better commercial and 10 being I consider it as one of my favorites.

This number I provide will not come out of thin air, this number will be based around five separate factors, being:

1. Remembrance factor. Will I remember this commercial tomorrow? Does it leave a lasting impact on me?

2. Creativity. Was this a ‘no frills’ way of getting a company’s name and product/service to the public or did they present the product/service in an interesting way?

3. Did it keep my attention during the 15, 30, or how ever many seconds long it was? Another way to think of this is, did it stop me from getting up to get a snack to watch the rest of the commercial?

4. Attention to detail. Does every part of the commercial make logical sense? You might be surprised how many details can be out-of-place in a commercial.

5. The X factor. Was this a special commercial? Does it stand out from the rest of crowd of commercials?

Please keep in mind that in each review, I may not address each point listed here. This is no more than a guideline that I will try to stick to.

The new schedule will stick to Mondays and Wednesdays but I will not post on every one of those days that will come in the future. One week there might be 2 reviews and another week there might be no reviews. I have become more selective as to which commercials I review so if no commercial excited me then no commercial will get reviewed. Feel free to check out past reviews if you are craving more.

Lastly, in each review will be a YouTube video showcasing the commercial that I am going to review and I would strongly recommend watching each one before reading my review. Not only incase you haven’t seen the advertisement but also as a refresher.



What do you think about this commercial?

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