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Apple iCloud Harmony Commercial

If any company knows how to make a commercial, or any kind of ad for that matter, its Apple Inc. Commercial after commercial, they never cease to amaze through simplicity.


This is a perfect example of a commercial that doesn’t need narration to aid it in getting its message across. It shows the service of iCloud through Apple’s various devices and how simply this technology really is. When I watched the keynote on iCloud being introduced I was a bit confused but once they showed the graphic, the same graphic shown in the first couple seconds of this ad, it clicked and made perfect sense to me. That is where this commercial excelled, anyone can understand this service just by watching and not needing to listen to any language.

Since they opted to not have any narration, which was a good move on Apple’s part, they had to choose a great song to fill the air. As with all their previous ads, with exception to only a few, they managed to incorporate an amazing and simple song to benefit the service that was being presented. The beat went perfectly with the photos popping up on the devices and the change of scenes. The song allows the viewer to focus less on the song, due to the lack of singing, and focus more on the video that is accompanying it. Video that is vital to this ads success.

Another great thing that Apple does is showing how a potential customer can use their products and services in their daily lives. I can see myself taking a picture of a cousin who is playing in the snow and I can imagine the look on my aunt and uncles faces when they see the picture pop up on their iPad while sitting across the country. I don’t feel that I would have to adapt my life around this new device, it will adapt to my life and I feel that that message is clearly shown in this commercial.

After watching as many commercials as we do each day we will notice a pattern show up. I would venture to say that at least 95% of commercials on Tv have an ending slide that sums up their product or service and tells us how to buy it. All car commercials have it showing the price of the car and Apple has used it in their ads for the past 10+ years. They use this last slide perfectly by reiterating how simple and perfect this service is. The user doesn’t have to do anything but enable it and then use the device while iCloud does the rest of the work. Those three words complete this commercial.

Yet again, Apple has done it again with an amazing ad that informs and delights anyone who watches it, which is why I am giving this commercial a 9 out of 10. The only thing keeping me from giving it a 10 is that this series will start to get old soon and I feel that I have seen this commercial before. I feel they need to spice it up a bit just like they did with the silhouettes when they were advertising iTunes. With that said, it was a classic Apple commercial that was satisfying.


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Sprint: iPhone 4S

Sprint is doing a good job of advertising the fact that they now sell an iPhone that works on their network and the commercials are great. I use great very loosely though, in this commercial there are some factors that bother me.

Did you catch the mistakes? Don’t worry if you didn’t, one is a simple wording error and the other is not commonly known.

“There are over a half a million apps on the iPhone.” I don’t know about your iPhone, but I know on mine, which is the 16 Gb version, I don’t have half a million apps on it. I don’t even think I could fit 100 apps on my phone. The fact that there are over 500 thousand apps on the App Store is a different story entirely. The simple wording error is a small mistake, but coming from a company such as Sprint, there is no reason for a mistake like this.

I want to stress the word simple on the last mistake because the other mistake is not so simple. At the end of this commercial the narrator says the line, “Truly unlimited data for your iPhone.” If you would have asked me a couple of weeks ago about this fact, I would have agreed with it but I recently learned that Sprint no longer offers ‘truly’ unlimited data. Their CEO Dan Hesse said himself that they throttle, or control, the top 1% and how much data they use. Even though they are only throttling 1% of their users, they are still throttling their users and saying in their commercial that they are offering ‘truly unlimited data’ is false advertising at its finest.

Besides these two unfortunate mistakes, the rest of the commercial has a lot of quality to it and has a great ending. A majority of the commercial is showing a fraction of the variety of apps that the iPhone can use, which shows how great of a phone it is, leading to a great selling point. The narrator then goes on to say how a user can take these apps any where they want to go and use them to their fullest with ‘unlimited’ data. With this layout, the two aspects of this commercial are very complimentary of each other, making a great commercial.

One of the factors that I always look for in a commercial is if there is a remembrance factor to it and that is exactly what the little kid, playing on his parent’s iPhone does. It is a very common occurrence that a child is playing one his parent’s phone and since this particular kid as cute as he is, that is what makes this commercial as great as it is.

I very much wanted this commercial to be as good as it could have been since they had a great layout and had a great ending on it but I can not ignore the fact that Sprint made some big mistakes. If there were no mistakes I would give this commercial an 8 or a 9 but due to the mistakes I have to only give it a 5. I don’t understand how they are getting away with this false advertising and maybe it will not get aired anymore but due be warned that no company offers truly unlimited data.



Since I reviewed my favorite commercial, I thought it would be fitting to review my least favorite commercial which is the Coupon Suzy – Best For My Family commercial. I apologize that you have to watch this but here you go:

This is one where I don’t even know where to start with this because it is just that bad. She first starts off with the classic, “Oh hi, I’m Coupon Suzy.” which screams corny to me to the point where I think to myself, ‘they couldn’t have thought of a better opening line?’ Anything would have been better than being ‘surprised’ that the camera was there even though she knew, full well that the camera was there. Which leads me to the sheer fact that she is in the commercial to begin with.

Every good brand needs a symbol that the public can grasp on to and remember the next time they go to their computer or to the store. Having a symbol of Suzy would not have been my first choice due to how she represents the company. The way she said her lines has an annoying tone in it that, if I was creating my own character, would be one that I would avoid. A character such as Flo from the Progressive commercials is centered around being funny and personifying the typical sales person while Suzy is overly excited and annoying in my view. I do have to add that she is a symbol that stands out from the other characters used in commercials but she does so in the wrong light.

The only reason I am not going to rate this commercial a 0 is because when I take a step back and look at the commercial I notice that they have in fact shown how easy it was to use their service in a classic example. If this commercial had only one purpose of to show the service then it did a good job but to make this a very good commercial would take a lot of reworking. Some of factors that would need to be changed would include her creepy look whenever it is just her in the shot, the terrible acting by both actresses, and the annoying personality of Suzy.

Given the few points I went over as well as the whole list of others that I didn’t talk about, I can only give this commercial a 1. There was no creativity, no time spent and no wow factor that made me remember this commercial. The only remembrance factor was how bad it was and that’s not how I would want my company to be seen. I feel bad harping on this company, who offers a great service in a time where many families need this extra help, but there was no effort put forth in making this commercial. I hope to see them change their commercial style in the near future even though this exact commercial has been on the air for a couple of years.


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