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I want to start this one off by apologizing because this commercial is… well take a look and you will quickly understand why I am apologizing.


The bad commercials are the ones that are hardest to review because as with this one, I don’t know where to start. There was no positive part to that ad and I am shocked that this isn’t a parody on themselves. If you have seen their other commercials then you would understand why I would think this is a parody.

With that in mind here we go. The simple idea of a trying to buy a new house and having to show his credit scores to the realtor before sealing the deal is a boring plot but it is a plot nonetheless. Throughout Free Score’s commercials they have always stressed the ‘hidden’ fact that all credit card holders have three separate scores that they need to keep track of and that is what drives their business. They have over done that concept with this commercial in that they need to move on to another selling point. Besides the quality of the ad, there are some people who understand they need to check all three scores but they need another reason that will bring them to instead of another companies site. That is the first and most important step in making a better commercial and I recommend to Free Score to do this for next time.

The acting. I don’t believe I should even call it such but that is what it was. The first line that the realtor had, was a typical one and then after that it became extremely corny, extremely quickly. From the fist bump with his score to the too obvious piano music to the, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you” line that we all wish we never had to heard again. There was not an ounce of good acting in this and I hope the actors aren’t as bad as they came off to be or were forced to be.

Now for the mistakes which were too easy to notice. Why were there books on the selves, a single chair, and a piano in the room when the rest of the room and house appears to be completely empty? When selling a house either the all the furniture are in the rooms or there is no furniture in the rooms at all. On top of that we have the low credit score who is terrible at fake-playing the piano even though it was aimed to look as if he was actually playing it from the beginning.

Another issue in the quality was after the realtor left and the commercial seemed to change into a different commercial all together with the black border around their smart phone application. Then it switched back to inside the house with piano music playing even though the low credit score isn’t playing the piano.

This commercial left me very confused and there was absolutely no effort put into this ad, which made it consist of no quality. This was a waste of money on Free Score’s end and a waste of time for the viewer because we now have a bad connotation between this commercial and Free Score. For those reasons I have to give this ad a 1 out of 10. I would be shocked, but if you disagree with me then be sure to leave a comment.



Good Ol’ Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob chose a commercial layout many years ago and he ran with it. Any commercial you see on Tv from Bob’s Discount Furniture is more or less the same each and every time. There are few changes between them and the two most common concepts are that his prices are lower than the competition and that his products are better quality. In this particular commercial, he is pushing both ideas.

When a customer goes in to buy a piece of furniture they are looking for the cheapest one while still retaining the quality of the piece. With this in mind it makes sense that Bob and his advertising crew have capitalized on this logical thinking, yet that is all they have, straight logical thinking. This leaves little to, in this case, no room for creativity in the commercial. No thought was put into this ad. They put the new product into their commercial layout and this is what came out of the other side. It gets the job done as an ad but with no creativity this makes for a forgetful commercial.

Anyone can think to put the product and the president of the company in front of a white background with a script resembling the work of a group of 5th graders. Some commercials are made by the local part of a company, which would explain why the commercial looks so mediocre but Bob’s Discount Furniture chain is still expanding today and their commercials need to grow with it. Right now Bob’s commercials fall into the local category and they need to improve to enter the national category. A category and a level in terms of their company that they want to be in at some point in the near future.

I should mention that putting the companies CEO, president, or any other director in the commercial is not a bad idea, it worked very well for Sprint last year, but the way they do it in this example is terrible. Bob is the face of the company and a viewer can’t even see his actual face in this ad, the only face you can see is his cartoonish face in the lower right corner. The cartoon is even blurry at best, rendering having the face of the company a meaningless addition to this commercial. With only 15-30 seconds in an ad, every piece needs to be important and stand out, the mental image that needs to be put into the viewers minds can’t even be seen, let alone remembered.

Giving this commercial a score higher than a 3 would be disrespectful to even the commercials that have/will earn/ed a 4 or 5. There is no creativity, no way to remember it and it feels that it was thrown together in a single weekend. Judging by Bob’s finances, there is no reason they should be skimping on their commercials. Advertising is one of the most important things for a company and their revenue can very well suffer in the long run if they do not invest the money now. It is clear that they have made an example of what there commercials have been and they want to keep the layout the same for creating their long-lasting image. The only problem is they have settled on a substandard idea of a good company image.


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