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Prius C: Malti-Poo & Sushi

As if you couldn’t guess by the odd title of this commercial, this one is a bad one. And by bad I mean absolutely terrible.

It makes it even worse that I like this car and I would get one if I was in the market for one. But then they throw this commercial at us and if I bought this car, I would be connected to this terrible ad. I wouldn’t be surprised if I am not alone in saying that. A commercial is supposed to make me want to buy the product or service, not turn me away from it.

To be fair the root of the ad is solid, showing how this car can improve your life and blend into it. Toyota does a better job of explaining this in this video and if it was compressed into a single minute, then it would be a quality ad, unlike the one we have to struggle through while watching.

It is over dramatic, not amusing and quite frankly, it is too Japanese for us to appreciate. Being that Toyota is a Japanese brand it makes sense as to why this commercial is the way it is but the potential customers watching this ad who are any where but Japan will not connect with this ad. On the other side, I am sure that the Japanese like this commercial.

The worst part about this ad is how it feels like a constant plug for their vehicle even though it is their own ad. “But my affordable Prius c means I can pay for his acupuncture”. Talk about creativity on Toyota’s part… That ‘plug’ added with the overly dramatic “Phew” just seals the deal on how truly horrible this commercial is.

My favorite part of this commercial has to be when the blond hair guy stares into the camera towards the end of it. I don’t know how to take that look. Is it “Why am I in this commercial?” or is it “Why am I friends with these people?”. At any rate, it cannot be anything positive towards selling this car.

I will give this commercial a 2 out of 10. I thought about giving it a 1 but with the fact that the core concept was solid bumps it up to a 2. But at the end of the day, this is a terrible commercial. One that no one who is watching it will appreciate enough to go out and buy this car.

If you actually did like this commercial or you want to make fun of the rest of them, here is the playlist of all 10 videos that they made for the new Prius c. Enjoy, if it is possible.


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2012 Hyundai Azera “Talk to My Car” – Oscar Commercial

This is a wonderful commercial, in more aspects than one. It brings the old together with the new and it is just creative enough without going over the top.

At first I was a bit weary of this ad because I thought that it was going to go over the top but to my surprise it stopped when it hit the peak. Better yet, it stayed at that peak the whole way through and made for an excellent commercial overall. This is also true for the other commercial that debuted at the same time, which can be viewed here. I didn’t review that one because I felt like I have seen it before, yet it is a good commercial as well.

Even though I am too young to have seen the Tv shows that this ad was referring to, I was able to pick up on the link that they made to the three shows involving the ‘smart’ cars. This was no ordinary link they made, it was perfect due to the audience that this car will naturally appeal to and how that same audience will remember these shows from when they were first popular. The sheer creativity that this ad has in a 30 second package is amazing.

What is also amazing is that my age group and young kids will enjoy this ad as well. I am a fan because I love new technology, especially technology that is made available to the masses. Now that we get to see this technology in action is great and catches my attention.These ideas are finally made into reality and we are one step closer to being in that future time that Tv shows have been portraying for decades. And as for the younger kids, they will enjoy the simple story line that their parents, as well as mine, got to experience when they were younger. The remembrance factor is there for all ages.

Another aspect that I enjoy is how they showed off a simple technology, simple in terms of using it, in a simple way. Anyone who watched the last 10 seconds will see that dinner is only a push of a button and a sentence away. No more confusing GPS units that take forever to find their satellites and no more typing in the street address or searching for a restaurant. They made this device seem amazingly simple to use, if it actually is this simple to use is another story. Nonetheless, they made this device appealing to all ages, even the older ones who may not have a GPS already.

It is hard to not go on and on about how wonderfully simple this commercial is. The creativity was there, the remembrance was there, and the appeal was there. I have to give this a 10 out of 10. It is one of the few commercials that I wouldn’t mind watching again.


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Get Ready by Fiat

I try to keep the reviews confined to relatively new commercials (within the past 2 months) but since I am late with todays review I thought I would review an older yet different kind of commercial to make up for my tardiness.


Once in a while a company will go out of its way to create an in-depth ad to really highlight a new product or service that they are launching. Now that Fiat is making cars to sell here in America, they didn’t want to be an exception. They made a great music video to show off how they make their new Fiat 500 while keeping the public appeal in mind.

The most important thing that I noticed was who they were targeting for this commercial. They didn’t single out businessmen who would favor a Lexus or Audi, nor did they single out teenage girls such as VW could have done with the old style Beetle. They choose to cover every type of person who can drive a car. This can be noticed more towards the end of the video when the four types of people are put into squares as they finish up getting ready. This move is great by Fiat. They need to get their product out there and restricting it to one or two groups is not going to get their small name into the minds of millions of people.

To get into the minds of the millions of people they used a great song which caught everyone’s attention. From how to starts off a classical piece and then moves into an electric style song. This aspect combined with the video editing made a great video. Being able to ‘chop’ the screen and make the video behave as if it were one with the song added to the quality of the overall video.

One of the main aspects seen in this video is how they not only showed how the car is made but also how it will fit in with any ones life style. From the musician to the business professional, there is a model or style of the 500 that will adapt and complement their life. As I will say with every car ad, the manufacturer needs to stress the lifestyle of the individual and how the vehicle will fit in to it and if possible, add to its quality.

The creativity was there but it wasn’t as pronounced as say a Toyota Prius commercial due to how we have seen when they will try to show how two things and their action appear to be similar. The paint robots and the man spraying the water from the hose, the woman spraying water into the sink and the robot painting inside of the hood, the woman putting in her contacts while the robots put in the car’s headlights, and so on. Even though it has been seen before, I think they have done a better job at this concept than others have in the past.

All in all I think that Fiat did a great job of showing off their new car from the ground up while keeping the building process relevant to everyone’s lives. It is not the typical ad and I am not sure if it was even shown on Tv but regardless I am going to rate it as every other video ad by giving it an 8 out of 10. The quality and the entertainment where there but the overall feeling and amazement was lacking. I am very pleased with this ad campaign that Fiat as had going since the launch of their new vehicle and it will be interesting to see where they take it in the future.



Volkswagen: The Bark Side – Super Bowl Ad

Has Volkswagen taken the Star Wars theme too far? Or have they not taken it far enough?


On the one hand they have taken a good theme and it is getting them positive attention. Everyone loves the Star Wars and now everyone wants to see where VW will take this theme in the future. Yet they took it too far, or I should say for too long, in this commercial. 60 second commercials have their advantages but when it drags on, such as this one, to the point where the viewer is getting bored, the commercial is just too long.

Reduce the time from 60 to 30 seconds and this would have been golden. The “at-at” dog could have walked in around the 20 second mark and the viewer would still have enough time to realize that the song was from Star Wars. The phrase quality over quantity fits perfectly into this scenario and the overall focus of the ad would have been conveyed in a much more effective manner if it was shorter.

Beyond timing, the creative aspect is amazing. We have never seen dogs ‘sing’ a song before and the added fact that each dog represents a character from the 6 part series is seamless. We can easily tell that the darker, short dog is Chewbacca while the brown and white, small dog in the lower left is Padme. This only furthers the quality and relatablilty of this ad.

Wait a second, what does the concept of this ad have to do with cars? There is absolutely nothing that ties Star Wars to VW cars in this commercial. The flawless commercial last year with the young boy acting as Darth Vader had a great tie to cars but this one could have been a commercial for any company under the sun. The only part making this ad a Volkswagen ad is the couple seconds at the end when,”That’s the Power of German Engineering” is written on the screen under the symbol. What is the ‘power’ anyway? The action of having a couple of dogs in a room barking doesn’t speak to any definition of ‘power’.

I want to like this commercial. It has a lot going for it with the theme and the pure creativity but both of those aspects don’t relate back to the fact that VW is a car manufacturer. A viewer will be able to remember this commercial very well since they have never seen anything like it before but will they be able to remember that it was a VW ad? With all of this taken into consideration I will give this ad a 4 out of 10. Giving any lower wouldn’t respect the quality but any higher would ignore the excessive timestamp attached to it.


Audi: Vampire Party – Super Bowl Ad

I am not one of the people who fell in love with Twilight nor any kind of vampire story, which led me to think that I was not going to enjoy this ad but I was pleasantly surprised.

This ad starts off normal enough with the classic bonfire in the middle of the woods but then it quickly turns into a fantasy with the vampire’s choice of drink being O+ blood and two others running up a tree in a race. The commercial then goes on to show shots of the Audi S7 driving through the wooded area with our ‘main character’ driving. However, after this unusual beginning the story starts to get boring and my interest faded but it was quickly restored when the mass of vampires start to get very annoyed of the headlights and then disintegrate into a cloud of dust.

I enjoyed the fact that the first half of the commercial felt like Twilight or some other series like that because I wanted to watch it to see what would happen. I got lost in the story just how a 14-year-old girl would reading one of Stephanie Meyer’s books. That aspect alone gives this commercial a great score but there is a problem when I said, “14-year-old girl”. I don’t know any 14-year-old girls who can drive or buy a car, let alone an expensive car such as this brand new Audi S7. The people who will enjoy this commercial aren’t going to be watching this commercial while the 30+ year-old men who will be watching this commercial aren’t for team Edward or for team Jacob. Marketing 101’s first lesson is know who your audience is and it looks like Audi’s creative team missed that class.

With that said, I believe that the 30+ year-old men who will be watching this and possibly buying this car will enjoy the people turning into clouds of dust. At any rate, let’s talk about the main point of the commercial, the bright headlights.

That in itself is a very interesting selling point because most car ads speak to the car’s styling, engine, or safety. One could say that brighter headlights are for safety (they proved to be very effective at removing vampires) but when buying a car that is not the first thought that comes to mind. When I think of an Audi’s lights I think about how different and stylish they look with the wave of LEDs, not about how bright they are. Audi did make a great concept around the small detail of the headlights in the grand scheme of it.

A couple small details that I want to point out are, first off when our main character pulls up and everyone starts to scream in terror/pain due to the headlights. No matter which car he is driving, he would be able to hear all of his friends screaming as loud as they were. On top of that, being that he is a vampire himself, I would think that he knows to turn off his headlights as soon as he is around fellow vampires. Not to mention that a considerate person would turn off their headlights once pulling up as to not blind the people in front of the vehicle.

The timing of this ad is noteworthy because the vampire phase has seemed to come and pass, yet Audi decided to make a commercial centered around the idea of vampires. I initially thought that the timing was terrible on their part but then I thought that this could be their way of saying goodbye to them. They killed off very last vampire in this commercial as a way to end the vampire phase that we just went though.

Even if Audi was thinking this or no, I believe that they made a good commercial overall. With taking everything into account I would rate this commercial a 6. You might think that it is a low number but between missing the target market and the flaws in the plot, I see no reason to give it a higher score. I am also considering the fact that I won’t remember this commercial tomorrow which translates into me not remembering the car next time I am shopping for a new car.


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