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Reese’s Perfect Combination

Reese’s knows what they are doing when they make a commercial for their beloved Reese’s peanut butter cup. They have had this series of commercials since the mid-2000’s and each one has been amazing. Although they are simple, they do exactly what they are designed to do and that is to remind people how good their product is.

This is a favorable approach because they get the viewer’s attention. In this specific commercial they are asking a question and the viewer will want to know the answer so they have to continue to watch the rest of the 15 seconds. Being that they are airing to serve as a reminder, they are very simple which any viewer can easily grasp and understand. They didn’t take any risks for this series and that is because they don’t have to. Reese’s has a quality product that 9 out of 10 people know off-hand, so risking a new commercial series isn’t worth the small increase in sales that they might experience.

Although this seems like a perfect commercial, it is lacking in a key area. This area being the fact that the typical viewer will not remember this commercial by the time the Tv show they are watching comes back on. If the viewer can’t remember the product then airing this commercial was a waste of money. Money that could have gone into making this commercial have that extra factor to make it stick inside of the viewers head. Not only this commercial, but all of the commercials in this series are the same way, in that they are good but there is nothing special about them.

Beyond the series as a whole, this commercial has a great line in it that you can see in the thumbnail of the video before you hit play. “Are combined perfectly” serves two great purposes. The first being mentioned above in capturing the viewer’s attention and the second being linking the concept of the commercial to the company’s motto of “Perfect”. It is no coincidence that the commercial series and the motto are simple at their core and this works to their advantage in creating a good commercial.

Even though it is a ‘good’ commercial in how simple and easy to understand as it is, I have to give this commercial a 7. It was knocked down from a 10 to a 7 because of the fact that this is a long series and if a company is going to have a series they need to keep it interesting so that the customers keep coming. Reese’s will continue to fade away until they change their concept for their commercials. With that said, they have created a solid commercial that almost gets the job done perfectly of reaching its customers.


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